Pegasus Valley
Fallow Deer and other Animals
on the Farm
"Baby" was bottle raised and is
now 12 years old. She is one of 2
tame fallow does that share the
pasture with our other animals.
While most of the animals at Pegasus
Valley are available for sale, there are a
few that have been here forever and will
remain for the rest of their lives. This
page is dedicated to them.
Click here to read the history of Fallow
Deer and more information about them.
"Sugar" was bottle raised
and is 11 years old. Fallow
deer have been known to
live well into their
European Fallow Deer
Elly is our latest addition to the
farm. She is part Quarter Horse,
and the other part we're not
sure of. She is 8 years old and
very sweet and lovable.
(Yawn). It's a little early, don't
ya think?