Pegasus Valley
Animals for Sale
               Hair Sheep
                               Black Hawaiian -- Texas Dall
                          Painted Desert

We have no breeder ewes for sale at the present time.
Our Painted Desert lambs are the offspring of our Black Hawaiian breeder ram and our herd of Painted Desert and Black Hawaiian ewes.
here to see Patch, our former Black Hawaiian herd sire. Our current herd sire is his son Patch's Pretty Boy.
Most of our sheep lamb twice a year, so we normally have lambs available for sale year
'round. Weanlings are $85.00 (rams) & $100.00 (ewes) each, older juvenile lambs (up to 5
months of age) are $95.00 & $110.00 respectively.
Weaned at 6-8 weeks of age
Males: $85 each
Females: $100 each
Bottle raised lambs, when
available, are
$95.00 and
respectively, either on
the bottle or just weaned off the
Black Hawaiian Breeder Ram
Former herd sire at 4-1/2 yrs
Painted Desert Ram
17 months old
$145 --- Sold
Hey, was that
a grain
bucket we
Patch's Pretty Boy --- Current herd sire
Not for Sale
Now accepting deposits for spring lambs. 50%
deposit required. We take Paypal!
This page is always being updated. Check back
soon for more photos. Scroll down for this year's
crop of spring lambs for sale!
Black Hawaiian Ram Lamb (at extreme right)
now 9 months old
$145 --- Sold
Black Hawaiian Cross ram lamb (2nd from the right,
next to herd sire; brown overcoat will shed out to black)
now 11 months old
$125 --- Sold
Black Hawaiian ram lamb
now 1 yr old
$125 --- Sold
Black Hawaiian ram lamb --- now 1 yr old
$125 --- Sold
Texas Dall Cross solid white ram lamb
now 9 months old
$125 --- Sold
Grass is pretty tall this time
of year.
Here are a few of the 2014 spring lambs.
First lamb born Spring 2014, very nice and
stocky black ram. That's his mother
beside him, Sire is Patch's Pretty Boy.
$85 --- Sold
Twins out of the black & white ewe standing in
front of them. The one with the most white
markings is the girl, twin is a boy.
Ram lamb: $85 --- Sold
Ewe lamb: $100 --- Sold
Corsican ewe lamb out of black & white
$100 --- Sold
White ram lamb out of tan & white ewe
$95 --- Sold
Twin ram lambs out of tan & white
spotted ewe                     
$85 each --- Sold
Twin ewe lambs out of
Black Hawaiian ewe
$100 each --- Sold
Corsican ram lamb out of  
tri-color ewe    
$85 --- Sold
Black ram lamb with minimal white
out of spotted ewe ---
$85 --- Sold