We raise quality Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall and Painted Desert Sheep. These sheep are very hardy and produce magnificent horns
on the rams and also on the ewes. Many of the ewes lamb twice a year rather than once a year like domestic breeds, with multiple
births the norm.

Combine these traits with both ewes and rams displaying shedding ability, and one can see why these sheep are gaining popularity
in all areas: breeding, show/exhibition, horns and meat. NO SHEARING OR TAIL DOCKING REQUIRED! In fact, tail docking detracts
from their value.

Our sheep have been farm raised for many years and have a calm temperament. Bottle feeding further increases the handleability of
these sheep. We maintain a closed herd, meaning we do not buy any breeding stock or lambs. We are not dealers or brokers; we only
sell animals we have raised here on the farm.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our sheep, and click on our For Sale page to view some of our sheep that are available
for sale. This page is updated periodically, so if you don't see what you're looking for, check back again or email us. Our sheep lamb
year 'round, so we usually have a selection of colors and sexes. Weanling lambs normally sell for $85-$100 each (mother- or
bottle-raised), juveniles and breeding stock are priced according to age, sex, horn growth, etc.
Pegasus Valley Hair Sheep
DOB - March 2005
2006-2008 Herd Sire

Patch's horns scored
Bronze at 18 months and at 29 months he was less than 1/4 inch
away from
Silver status. When we sold him, he was Gold status; and his horns were so
thick at the base that there was
no gap between them where they met the skull. All of
Patch's offspring have exceptional horns, even the ewe lambs!
Some of our nice horned ewes with
a couple of their offspring
November 2013.
One of our Black Hawaiian Cross
Breeder Ewes
Herd sire Pegasus Valley Pretty Boy
with a few of his girlfriends and
offspring November 2013
Patch's Pretty Boy
DOB - April 2008
Current Herd Sire
We have a limited number of Texas Dall
crosses. The one with the tan patch is a ewe,
the solid white is a young ram.
Close-up of one of our young rams at 5 months
old. All of our rams have good, thick horn
beginning to shed his winter coat
April 2015